When we have the empty pantry, we can make two choices: either we go to the restaurant, or we stock up in some store, always skip lunch or dinner is not a strategy... Do we agree? And when we buy food and drink, what are we most careful about?

Box Eat responds to all those needs that we have set ourselves, putting ourselves in the customer’s shoes: variety, product quality, a modern and practical service, attention to current health standards and last but not least, an unparalleled price (not to be confused with quality or quantity).

Our selection process is as rigorous as it is simple, we always put ourselves in the shoes of our customer!

We know perfectly well that the online market already offers everything, but we differentiate REALLY: we decided to minimize the earnings of our sales, we asked a great effort on margins to our suppliers, we guarantee unrivalled benefits to our customers through our partnership with myworld.

Are we crazy?! No, absolutely! We simply enjoy doing what we do and believe that if what we do in life is done with passion, it cannot be considered a job.

Our mission is ambitious! We want to be able to become, without presumption, a reference at European level.

Welcome to our home market!