Together is better

Together we can do more


A professional team

Joining forces and ideas for an excellent result. This is the philosophy we believe in and adopt in our company.

We believe that each of us has unlimited potential and that the best way to make it concrete, is to share it in a team of professionals, each in their own sector and with their own skills. Very often from a shared idea, a complete 360-degree project takes shape, in which everyone makes their own contribution and point of view, in order to take that idea to a higher level.

Box-Eat Partner

Brand & Business Strategy

First of all: basics!

It’s the team that analyzed the placement of Box-Eat, designed the logo and identified the graphic styles to use for the website
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Web Design & Copywriting

From theory to practice!

Site settings, product placement, text writing and much more... here’s what this formidable team does
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Digital Content Creation

Space to the imagination!

Not just ceremonies! This team is responsible for creating and processing the images and graphics on the website
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